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24V Power supplies provide 24V DC output voltage to Simco-Ion devices. The supplies have a broad input voltage of 100-240V AC 50-60Hz.
Models are available as desktop supply for a single device or as DIN rail supply, capable of powering multiple devices.

External control kits are intended for incorporation of manual control for various 24V DC Simco-Ion devices. They provide a potentiometer to control settings, an LED for visual control and in- an outputs. 
The kit consists of a small control board and a self-adhesive label. The control board can be easily mounted in a panel or separate box. The self-adhesive label is glued on the outside a form indicators and a scale.

Various kits are available with special functions for the individual products:   
MPM – external ion balance control
Perfomaster – external setpoint control
CMME and CM Tiny – external setpoint control

Universal mounting provides a very flexible way of mount Simco-Ion bars. It makes it possible to quick disconnect the bars from the brackets for maintenance or replacement.

Mounting can be carried out in three ways.

  • Basic mounting: Used when there is very little room available. (no quick disconnect)
  • Quick disconnect
  • Backwards compatible (with quick disconnect) Used to replace old Performax Easy and ThunderION brackets.

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